Avigilon Alta Cameras: Secure and Efficient Cloud Storage and Retrieval


May 5, 2023


Avigilon Alta cameras provide a comprehensive video surveillance solution by combining onboard storage, cloud backups, and advanced video management features. These cameras ensure seamless security coverage even in challenging conditions, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable surveillance. In this article, we will explore the unique features of Avigilon Alta cameras, including their Smart Path technology, video upload scheduling, and discuss how they maintain functionality during internet outages.

Onboard Storage, Cloud Backups, and Video Management

Avigilon Alta cameras are designed with built-in storage, enabling them to record and store video footage locally. This onboard storage serves as a backup, ensuring no valuable footage is lost in case of any interruptions to the primary cloud storage system.

In addition to onboard storage, these cameras offer cloud backup solutions, automatically uploading recorded footage to the cloud. This provides an extra layer of protection against data loss and enables easy access and management of video footage from any internet-connected device.

Avigilon Alta cameras also boast advanced video recalling capabilities, allowing users to efficiently access and review recorded footage through the cloud-based platform. Intelligent search functions make locating specific video clips quick and easy.

Smart Path Technology for Optimized Video Transmission

A key innovation in Avigilon Alta cameras is the Smart Path technology, which optimizes the transmission of video data from the camera to the cloud. This feature analyzes the network conditions in real-time and adjusts the video transmission accordingly, ensuring efficient bandwidth usage and reduced strain on network resources. Additionally, Smart Path technology intelligently detects when a viewer is on the same network as the cameras and retrieves the video through the LAN rather than the cloud, maximizing speed and reducing external bandwidth usage.

Video Upload Scheduling and Settings

Avigilon Alta cameras offer customizable video upload scheduling and settings to meet the specific needs of your business. Users can configure the cameras to only upload video footage during off-peak hours, such as overnight when the office is empty. This helps to minimize bandwidth consumption during busy times, ensuring that your network remains fast and efficient.

Furthermore, you can set the cameras to upload only essential video footage during periods of high network usage. This selective upload feature helps to prioritize important security footage while conserving bandwidth.

Functionality During Internet Outages

Avigilon Alta cameras are designed to maintain functionality even during internet outages. During an outage, the cameras continue to record video footage using their onboard storage. Once the internet connection is restored, the cameras automatically resume uploading the recorded footage to the cloud, ensuring no data is lost during the outage.


Avigilon Alta cameras offer a robust and efficient video surveillance solution with their onboard storage, cloud backups, and advanced video management features. The Smart Path technology, customizable video upload scheduling, and seamless functionality during internet outages make these cameras an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and uninterrupted security coverage. By investing in Avigilon Alta cameras, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your surveillance system is always functioning optimally, even in the face of challenges and unforeseen events.

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