Avigilon Alta Control Centre Software


May 24, 2023


Streamline and fortify your business operations with Avigilon Alta. Leveraging cloud technology, this access control solution keeps an eye on your premises round the clock, offering peace of mind no matter where you are.

Convenience is at the core of its design. Customizable access settings and real-time tracking keep you informed, ensuring the right people have access at the right times. Its touchless, wave-to-enter feature is a game-changer, delivering ease of access while enhancing user experience.

But the real beauty of this system is its ability to adapt. With an open architecture, Avigilon Alta can seamlessly integrate with other systems and grow with your business needs. Embrace the simplicity, security, and growth opportunities that Avigilon Alta brings to the table.

Key Features

Scalability and Ease of Use

Avigilon Alta is cloud-hosted, meaning your access control system can expand with your business without the need for complex hardware upgrades or installations. Its platform is intuitive and accessible via a web page or mobile app, allowing you to manage access controls, view logs, or adjust settings from anywhere, at any time.

Mobile Credentials

With Avigilon Alta, traditional keycards become a thing of the past. Its mobile credential capability allows users to access facilities using their smartphones, providing a convenient and secure method of access control.

Effortless User Management:

Avigilon Alta offers an intuitive platform for managing users and access rights. Administrators can easily add or remove users, assign or modify access levels, and schedule access times, all from a straightforward web interface. Integrate your active directory for quick and easy single directory management. This simplicity makes managing access for a large number of users or across multiple locations a breeze. With Avigilon Alta, user management becomes less about complexity and more about convenience.

Open Integration

Avigilon Alta's open architecture design enables seamless integration with other systems via APIs. This interoperability allows you to create a tailored access control solution that perfectly suits your business operations.

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