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May 24, 2023


Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is a highly intuitive video management software designed to make security simple. As an on-premise solution, it uses a local server, providing more control over your data and minimizing dependence on internet connectivity. The ACC software simplifies your day-to-day, helping you swiftly find what you need in vast amounts of video data. This is achieved through features like Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology, which tracks specific people or vehicles across all cameras and recorded video.

This software is highly scalable, accommodating a wide range of camera quantities and types, making it versatile for businesses of any size. ACC's real strength lies in its advanced analytics capabilities. These tools work in real-time, detecting events as they happen, and sending notifications to ensure a quick response. It's this proactive approach that sets ACC apart, transforming it from a simple surveillance tool into a comprehensive security asset that adds real value to your operation.

Key Features

Powerful Search Tools

Timeline Scrubbing: This is a straightforward way to navigate through your recorded video. With a simple slide of your cursor along the timeline, you can quickly access specific time frames. Best for when you know the approximate time of an event, it can significantly cut down search time.

Pixel Motion Search: This feature identifies changes in a selected area. If you're trying to spot when a package was moved or a door was opened, this tool pinpoints the exact moment, saving time and reducing manual video review.

Classified Object Search: This helps you find specific people or vehicles quickly. Whether you're trying to locate a suspicious individual or a particular car, this feature filters the footage based on your specified criteria, saving you from sifting through irrelevant data.

Thumbnail Search: This tool generates snapshots of video at specified intervals. Ideal for when you're not sure when an event occurred but need a visual cue, Thumbnail Search lets you scan images instead of watching hours of video, significantly reducing search time.

Appearance Search: This powerful feature locates people or vehicles based on descriptions. Whether you're searching for a person in a red shirt or a white truck, this tool tracks the object across all cameras and video, saving you time and increasing the efficiency of your investigations.

Scalable & Open

Avigilon ACC7's scalability is evident in its Core, Standard, and Enterprise editions, each designed to meet different needs. Whether you're a small business needing basic functionality with the Core edition, or a large enterprise demanding advanced capabilities with the Enterprise edition, ACC7 adapts to your needs.

ACC7 is also an open platform, meaning it's ONVIF-compliant. This ensures compatibility with numerous camera brands, easing the integration of existing systems. Such flexibility simplifies deployment, allows for future expansion and ensures you're not locked into a single hardware provider, offering you a seamless and scalable video management solution.

Proactive Rules

Avigilon ACC7's proactive rules take your security system to the next level. It can trigger actions such as activating sirens or strobes in response to analytic perimeter detection events, ensuring immediate alert to potential threats. Moreover, ACC7 can automatically send notifications when specific conditions are met, like when an input is triggered. These rules turn your system from a passive observer into a proactive, responsive entity, maximizing security effectiveness.

Canadian Manufactured & Supported

Avigilon is proudly manufactured and backed by quality assurance in Canada, ensuring a high degree of control over the production process. This commitment to quality leads to the creation of highly reliable, durable security solutions that customers can trust. Each component is designed with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a product that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Furthermore, Avigilon's confidence in its products is mirrored in their advanced replacement warranty, standing as a testament to the robustness and longevity of their solutions.

Support for Avigilon products is also based in Canada, providing a comprehensive service to ensure your systems run smoothly. Whether you have a quick question or need in-depth technical assistance, Avigilon's support team is available via phone, email, or even WhatsApp. This accessibility ensures that help is always at your fingertips when you need it. With Avigilon, you're not just buying a product, you're investing in a partnership that prioritizes your security and peace of mind.


Avigilon ACC comes in three editions tailored to different needs. Core is designed for small sites with simplicity in mind, supporting up to 24 camera channels. Standard caters to mid-sized installations with support for up to 150 camera channels. Enterprise, the most comprehensive edition, is meant for large-scale or multiple sites with an unlimited number of cameras, advanced analytics, and centralized management. Each edition is an adaptable solution, ready to grow with your business.

Custom Section
Edition Comparison

Core Standard Enterprise
Cameras Per Server 24 75 Unlimited
Rule Triggers 0 51 Unlimited
ONVIF Compliant Cameras & Encoders
HDSM™ & HDSM SmartCodec™ Technology
Timeline Scrubbing
Pixel Motion Search
Classified Object Search
Thumbnail Search
ACS Web Client & Mobile App
Saved View -
Maps -
Digital Output & Input -
Audio Recording & Output -
Appearance Search - -
Focus of Attention - -
Active Directory Integration - -
Virtual Matrix - -
License Plate Recognition
(Additional License Required)
- -
Facial Recognition
(Additional License Required)
- -

For the full list of edition features CLICK HERE.

System Architecture

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