Comparing the Benefits of On-Premise and Cloud-Hosted Solutions


Apr 14, 2023


When it comes to video surveillance, selecting the right system is essential for ensuring the security and safety of your property or business. Avigilon and Ava are two popular video surveillance solutions, with Avigilon being an on-premise system and Ava being a cloud-hosted system. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of each system, focusing on the on-premise versus cloud-hosted factors, to help you determine which solution best suits your needs.

Avigilon: On-Premise Video Surveillance System

Complete Control: Avigilon's on-premise system offers full control over your video surveillance infrastructure, including the hardware, software, and storage. This allows for greater customization and flexibility in system configuration and management, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your specific requirements.

Enhanced Data Privacy and Security: With Avigilon, video data is stored on local servers, providing better control over security measures implemented to protect the data from unauthorized access. This helps safeguard sensitive information and maintain compliance with industry-specific regulations.

No Internet Dependency: Avigilon's on-premise system does not require a continuous internet connection to function, making it less vulnerable to internet outages or bandwidth limitations. This ensures reliable and uninterrupted surveillance, even in situations with limited or unstable internet access.

Ava: Cloud-Hosted Video Surveillance System

Easy Scalability: Ava's cloud-hosted system is designed for easy scalability, allowing you to add or remove cameras and storage capacity as needed without major infrastructure investments. This ensures that your surveillance system can grow and adapt alongside your business needs.

Lower Upfront Costs: With Ava, there are no significant upfront costs for hardware or storage equipment, as these are provided by the cloud service provider. Instead, you pay for the service on a subscription basis, which can be more budget-friendly and better suited for businesses with limited capital.

Automatic Software Updates: Ava's cloud-based system ensures that your surveillance software is always up to date, as updates are automatically deployed by the service provider. This eliminates the need for manual updates and maintenance, saving time and resources.


Both Avigilon and Ava offer unique benefits, making them suitable for different needs and requirements. Avigilon's on-premise system provides complete control, enhanced data privacy and security, and no internet dependency, making it ideal for businesses that prioritize customization and control over their surveillance infrastructure.

On the other hand, Ava's cloud-hosted system offers easy scalability, lower upfront costs, remote access and management, and automatic software updates, making it a perfect choice for businesses looking for a flexible and cost-effective solution with the convenience of remote access.

Ultimately, the choice between an on-premise and cloud-hosted video surveillance system will depend on your unique security needs, budget, and preferences. By carefully considering the benefits of each solution, you can invest in the most suitable surveillance system for your property or business.

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