Data Aging


Apr 15, 2023

Avigilon's Data Aging is a feature found in the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software. It is designed to optimize storage utilization by intelligently managing the retention of video data based on its relevance over time. Data Aging allows users to define video retention periods for different levels of video quality, ensuring that critical footage is preserved while less important data is automatically reduced in quality or removed as it ages.

The key advantage of Data Aging is the ability to optimize storage space by retaining high-quality video only for the most important or relevant footage. This feature can help organizations save on storage costs and efficiently manage their video archives.

Data Aging works by applying user-defined rules to video data, determining which footage should be preserved in high quality and which should be reduced in quality or removed as it ages. These rules can be based on factors such as the age of the footage, its location, or the presence of specific events. By intelligently managing video data, Data Aging helps organizations strike a balance between storage space and the need to retain important video evidence for longer periods.

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