Guest Pass


May 5, 2023

Openpath's Guest Pass feature is an innovative access control solution that streamlines granting temporary access to guests or visitors in a secure and seamless manner. This user-friendly feature is designed for various types of facilities, such as commercial buildings and offices, enhancing both security and convenience.

Guest Pass works by allowing administrators to create customized passes with specific access permissions. These passes can be sent to guests via email or SMS and include a unique access link or QR code. Guests can then use their smartphones to unlock doors, eliminating the need for physical keys or cards. The system is compatible with a wide range of smartphone operating systems and communicates through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular connections.

Two notable use cases for the Guest Pass feature are visitor management and temporary employee access. In visitor management, companies can issue guest passes to clients or contractors, granting them access to specific areas of the facility for a limited time. For temporary employees, Guest Pass allows businesses to provide controlled access for the duration of their contract, ensuring that access expires once their work is completed.

In summary, Openpath's Guest Pass feature enhances security by offering a convenient, efficient, and secure method for granting temporary access to guests and visitors, while maintaining real-time monitoring and control over access permissions.

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