High-Resolution Surveillance for Cost-Effective Coverage


May 5, 2023


Large spaces such as rail yards, sporting arenas, and expansive commercial properties present unique challenges when it comes to ensuring comprehensive security coverage. Traditional surveillance cameras can struggle to cover these vast areas effectively, requiring multiple cameras or limited visibility through pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) options. Avigilon Pro Series cameras, with resolutions of up to 61 megapixels, offer a powerful solution to these challenges. In this blog post, we will explore how these high-resolution cameras can provide exceptional coverage for large spaces, delivering cost-effective security and peace of mind.

Advantages of Avigilon Pro Series Cameras for Large Spaces

Unparalleled Coverage with High Pixel Density: Avigilon Pro Series cameras, with resolutions up to an impressive 61 megapixels, provide unparalleled coverage of large areas. This high pixel density allows for incredibly detailed images, enabling users to zoom in and analyze specific areas without losing image quality. This level of detail is invaluable for large spaces, where identifying individuals, vehicles, and other objects from a distance is essential.

Cost Savings on Installation: One of the main benefits of using Avigilon Pro Series cameras in large spaces is the reduced need for multiple cameras. By providing extensive coverage with a single high-resolution camera, businesses can save on installation and maintenance costs associated with deploying multiple lower-resolution cameras. This not only reduces upfront investment but also streamlines ongoing maintenance and management.

Continuous Coverage without PTZ Limitations: Unlike PTZ cameras, which need to be manually or automatically adjusted to focus on specific areas, Avigilon Pro Series cameras provide continuous coverage of large spaces. This means that every inch of the area is monitored at all times, eliminating blind spots and reducing the risk of missing crucial events. With fewer moving parts, these fixed cameras are also less prone to mechanical failure, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Enhanced Analytics and Incident Response: The high-resolution images captured by Avigilon Pro Series cameras enable advanced video analytics, allowing for more accurate detection of incidents and faster response times. With the ability to zoom in on specific areas and analyze details in real-time, security personnel can quickly assess situations and take appropriate action.

Scalability for Future Growth: As businesses expand and require additional surveillance coverage, Avigilon Pro Series cameras offer a scalable solution. The high-resolution capabilities of these cameras ensure that they remain effective even as the area being monitored increases in size, making them a future-proof investment for growing businesses.


Large spaces demand comprehensive security coverage, and Avigilon Pro Series cameras rise to the challenge with their exceptional high-resolution capabilities. By providing unparalleled pixel density and continuous coverage of vast areas, these cameras offer cost-effective and reliable surveillance solutions for rail yards, sporting arenas, and other expansive properties. With enhanced analytics, incident response capabilities, and scalability for future growth, Avigilon Pro Series cameras are the ideal choice for securing large spaces and ensuring peace of mind for businesses and their stakeholders.

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