The cannabis industry faces unique security and operational challenges due to the high value of products, strict regulatory requirements, and potential for theft or unauthorized access. Ensuring the safety of employees, customers, and products while maintaining compliance with industry regulations is crucial. Implementing advanced security solutions, such as Avigilon or Ava Video Surveillance and OpenPath Access Control, can provide comprehensive coverage, real-time monitoring, and robust access control to address these challenges and maintain a secure environment within cannabis facilities.

Common Challenges

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is crucial for cannabis facilities to monitor the premises, deter potential criminal activities, and provide crucial evidence in case of incidents. Additionally, it ensures regulatory compliance by maintaining proper surveillance records and monitoring key operational areas, such as cultivation, processing, and storage rooms.

Avigilon video surveillance offers tailored solutions for cannabis facilities with high-resolution cameras that capture clear, detailed images even in low-light conditions. Avigilon's H4 Thermal camera, for example, can detect heat signatures and monitor areas with limited visibility, ensuring comprehensive coverage. The advanced video analytics, including object recognition and unusual activity detection, assist in identifying potential threats, such as unauthorized access or suspicious behavior. The Avigilon Control Center (ACC) centralizes video management, allowing for easy monitoring of multiple locations and access to both live and recorded footage.

Alternatively, Ava video surveillance provides cloud-based technology and artificial intelligence for advanced security solutions in cannabis facilities. The cloud-based infrastructure offers benefits like easy scalability, lower upfront costs, remote accessibility, and seamless software updates. The Ava Aware intelligent video management system detects and analyzes unusual activities, such as unauthorized access or potential theft. This real-time information enables cannabis facility personnel to respond promptly and mitigate risks.

Ava's machine learning capabilities adapt to the cannabis facility environment, providing accurate alerts and reducing false alarms. The system's compatibility with various cameras and hardware ensures a flexible solution suitable for different facility layouts and sizes.


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Access Control

Access control systems are crucial in cannabis facilities to restrict access to sensitive areas, such as cultivation rooms, processing areas, and storage rooms. Implementing robust access control measures not only protect valuable assets and safeguard sensitive information but also ensure compliance with industry regulations.

OpenPath Access Control offers a cloud-based system tailored to the unique needs of cannabis facilities. Its centralized management capabilities simplify granting or revoking access rights, monitoring real-time activity, and generating detailed audit trails. The touchless, mobile-based access control reduces the risk of unauthorized access by replacing traditional physical access cards with secure mobile authentication.

OpenPath's multi-factor authentication options enhance the security of cannabis facilities by requiring users to present their mobile device along with a secondary form of identification, such as a PIN or biometric authentication. The system's integration with video surveillance and alarm systems creates a cohesive security ecosystem for comprehensive protection.

Customizable features specific to cannabis facilities enable tailored access levels and time-based access permissions, ensuring that personnel can access designated areas only during specified times. This level of control helps reduce the risk of unauthorized entry and contributes to a safer and more secure environment, ultimately supporting regulatory compliance and the facility's overall security.


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