Health Care


Health care facilities are a crucial part in the growth and development of a healthy community.. AVO Solutions believes it is our role as a Canadian company to help serve our community by providing high quality, North-American manufactured products, paired with simple to use, scalable software, at a sizable discount. This combination provides vast savings, allowing funding to be directed into other projects.

Video Surveillance For Health Care


A high resolution video surveillance solution is crucial in protecting our community facilities from theft, liability, vandalism & more. To best cover your facility, our team works with you to design the right solution to best solve the challenges you face. We offer flexible storage options so you can  choose how long you wish to retain footage. 

Camera Coverage 

With a wide range of security cameras, we have the right camera to effectively & efficiently cover your space. 

Video Analytics

Starting with object detection (humans & vehicles) we can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your footage.

Search Features 

Finding the right footage quickly with easy to use search features including appearance search and pixel motion search.

Client Viewing

The Avigilon Control Center Client is loaded with powerful tools for monitoring real-time and recorded footage.

Access Control For Health Care


With thousands of people utilizing our health care facilities on a daily basis, it is crucial to have a reliable solution to permit or deny access to restricted spaces. Our card readers & access panels come with a lifetime warranty and the easy to use cloud based access control center software allows effortless management of users throughout one or multiple facilities.

Flexible Access To Restricted Areas

With mobile credentials & standard cards or fobs, you can choose when and where users have access. 

Active Directory Integration

Save time and cut out another database to manage by integrating your active directory & access control solution.

Touchless Solution

Stay sterile and stop the spread of infection with touch free readers that can pair with automatic door operators.


Implement a predetermined lockdown plan to protect your facility in the case of an emergency.

Alarm Systems For Health Care


An intrusion alarm system is the first line of defence when keeping your building & possessions safe. By using door contacts, motion sensors, sirens, glass break sensors and more, we can deter a potential intruder. Get alerted in real time from our 24/7 alarm monitoring station or check up on your system remotely using our mobile app.

Secure Your Facility

Keep community assets & possessions  safe from after hour theft attempts with a 24/7 monitored alarm system. 

Integrate with Access Control

Allow the first person in the building to automatically disarm the alarm without having to remember codes.

Panic Buttons

Distribute panic buttons to staff members who may be alone on shifts to help keep them safe. 

24/7 Monitoring

Our Canadian-based monitoring station is there to help protect you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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