Mircom Slimline Telephone Entry

Mircom’s TX3 Slim Line Telephone Access Systems provide key resident/visitor access control for small buildings, ideal for limited spaces or where a separate directory isn't needed. Housed in a sturdy Universal Series enclosure, these systems support various mounting applications and feature a built-in rain hood, microphone, tamper-resistant speaker, with room for a postal lock and color camera. The systems display resident names, dial codes, and a programmable banner message on a back-lit 4-line LCD screen. Configurable in multiple languages, the systems can be programmed via a built-in keypad or remotely using the TX3 configuration software and TX3-MDM Modem Module. These hands-free systems support AutoDialer and No Phone Bill systems, offering versatile access control solutions. The Slim Line systems come standard as an ADC system, with NSL configuration requiring additional hardware.


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