Classified Object Detection

Human and Vehicle Recognition

Detect when a human or vehicle is present in a camera's field of view. This can solve a number of issues such providing accurate motion recordings, powerful search features such as a Classified Object Motion Search, or be alerted by the presence of one of these objects. 

Vehicle Subtypes 

Classification of vehicle subtypes such as a car, truck, bus, motorcycle or a bicycle, allows for us to label different types of motion in our scene that we can search by or be alerted by. You can further this search by color with Appearance Search.  

Occupancy Counting

Use the Classified Object Detection to count when a person or vehicle comes and goes from a certain area to gather valuable insight about the traffic within your facilities. Learn More 

Video Monitoring 

For industries such as Industrial Yards, Construction and more, where there are valuable assets outside the confines of a building, we can utilize Classified Object Detection to alert our 24/7 Video Monitoring station to trigger a Siren/Strobe or contact the authorities. 

Types of Analytic Events

You can create an analytics event by an Object in an area, loitering, crossing a beam, appearing or entering an area, object not present in an area, object leaving an area, stopping in an area, or direction violated.

  • H5A
  • H5 Pro
  • H5A Dual Head
  • H5 Fisheye*
  • H5PTZ

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