License Plate Recognition

Get notified or trigger output with watchlists. Search by Full or partial plate information.

License plate Watch Lists

With a license plate watch list, you can be notified when a certain license plate is detected. You can sort these with multiple lists and  add or delete plates to these lists at any time. 

Searching License Plates 

Search for any license plate information with the LPR Search Feature. Whether it is a full or partial list, the search results will populate with the closest match and the associated video.  

Open Gates by a Matched License Plate

By using rules, we can use a vehicle in a license plate watch list to trigger a digital output such as a gate. This can speed up the entering and exiting process. 

Pair with Appearance Search  

Once you have found the license plate you are looking for, you can further your investigation with appearance search to see everything that vehicle has went.  .   

H4 LPC Camera

When trying to capture a license plate, the camera type is crucial. By using the H4 LPC Camera you can capture plates at normal vehicle speeds and even in challenging lighting conditions.

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