Occupancy Counting

How it works

By using Avigilon's Classified Object detection, we can implement a rule that says when a person crosses a line, count this as one person into an area. We do the same thing but in the opposite direction for exiting traffic. This can be done with both vehicles and humans. This data is organized with Avigilon Cloud Services and a dashboard displays all your information on an easy to read dashboard for 30 days. 

Multiple Sites & Areas 

Viewing the occupancy counting data from multiple sites can be done easily on the ACS dashboard. You sort it by all organizations data, each site or each area within a site. Utilize multiple areas within a site to keep track of different entrances/exits or separate areas.

  • H5A
  • H5 Pro
  • H5A Dual Head
  • H5 Fisheye*
  • H5PTZ

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