Access Control

Controlling the flow of people throughout your business is crucial in maintaining a safe and secure environment. With solutions such as video intercom, telephone entry systems or a traditional fob/card system, you ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed access to the premises.

Card Access Control

Telephone Entry

Telephone entry systems are an easy way to direct a visitor to the correct occupant in a multi-tenant facility to permit or deny access.

Slimline Electronic Directory

With the same functionality as the Standard Version. The slim design is ideal for applications with limited space, or for applications where a separate directory exists or is not required.

Standard Electronic Directory

Designed to provide resident/visitor access control for condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings.

Touch Directory

A 22” Touch Surface or Recessed Mount Telephone Access System is designed to provide a visually stunning and intuitive user-experience that is customizable  for occupant and visitor access.

Changing Security Solutions

We deliver the highest level of value by utilizing enterprise level solutions and deliver them at a price that fits your business.

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